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2013-03-01 10:34:43
Overview map
Yes, 'hot spots' for areas have disappeared
[Note: from publisher, this has been fixed, but there may be other possibly more subtle issues after the transfer from one VPS to another and the outage]
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From Ashford to Mullaghareirk and trigs of Mullaghanish and Rock Hill
conormcbandon 8 hours ago.
I parked in Ashford next to this sign detailing the way marked way.I passed close to the trig of Mullaghanuish so I h... run, Len: 19.0km, Climb: 398m, Area: Mullaghareirk, W Limerick/N Kerry (Irelan

The summit sits in a mound on active farmland
conormcbandon 8 hours ago.
I parked at large entrance gate as previously described. Crossing empty grassland I made my way upwards to a gate in t... walk, Len: 2.0km, Climb: 70m, Area: Knockbrack, East Coast (Ireland) Knockbra

A visit to the three high points of Howth along with the scenic coastal loop
conormcbandon 8 hours ago.
run, Len: 17.4km, Climb: 152m, Area: East Coast (Ireland)

Summit Comment
Mangerton North Top: You can climb this far too!
astroblood a day ago.
If you climbed Mangerton, climb the Mangerton North Top as well. It is beautiful mountain with a great view. There is a pathway leading almost to the summit but the terrain is not that bad to go o...

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2000th Marilyn walk CANCELATION
chalky a day ago.
Due to the cancellation of pre-arranged boat trips due to adverse weather conditions these are now scheduled to take place Sat or Sun.As a result I will have to CANCEL the arrangements for Sat 1st...

Summit Summary
Boolatin Top: Brief detour on the way to Keeper Hill
Collaborative entry Last edit by: sandman a day ago.
Boolatin Top is easily accessible from the Ballyhourigan Woods car park at R78464 66609 on OSI sheet 59. Follow the forest track for about 2.3 kms, ignoring two left hand tracks, until you reach a...

Summit Comment
Knockshigowna: Fairymount Farm.
sandman a day ago.
The owners, who were very welcoming, explained to me that as it got harder to make a living in agriculture they decided to use the isolated hill that their farm was located on to develop walking t...

Near Little Sugar Loaf, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland)
simon3 11 hours ago.
walk, Len: 2.5km, Climb: 242m, Area: Little Sugar Loaf, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland...

Summit Comment
Carrigshouk: Impressive from one side, dull from the other
Colin Murphy 2 days ago.
Parking for several cars can be found at O140 054. Proceed up the track for about 150m then turn SW and head directly up the steepish NE slope. About 30 minutes will see you at the top. From the N...

Near Stookeen, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland)
simon3 11 hours ago.
walk, Len: 11.2km, Climb: 982m, Area: Stookeen, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland) Stooke...

Summit Comment
Mullaghcleevaun East Top: The high point of the climb
Colin Murphy 2 days ago.
A technical point - I assume the summit of a top is the highest natural feature. In that case the cairn on Mullaghcleevaun East is not the actual high point, rather the large boulder a few metres ...

Up and down Caunoge
Onzy 22 hours ago.
Up and down Caunoge from parking (with permission) in a farmyard at V606 786.There is a gated track from the yard, ind... walk, Len: 6.3km, Climb: 353m, Area: Caunoge, Glenbeigh Horseshoe (Ireland) C

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