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Had 35 of the 39 b.. by Conor74   (Show all posts)
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Yes, 'hot spots' f.. by mcrtchly   (Show all posts)
2013-03-01 10:28:25
Dont know if this has anything to do with the outage yesterday but the overview map is not working. Anybody else with this problem?
These wind farms a.. by scannerman   (Show all posts)
I had a quick look.. by Astrofizz01   (Show all posts)
2 copies of "the b.. by muzag   (Show all posts)
This Friday Februa.. by wicklore   (Show all posts)
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The Erik the Red Land's Trek
mcrtchly 4 hours ago.
Watch the video of this trek on

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Bascadh West Top: View Heaven!
hivisibility 13 hours ago.
Here is a view towards Bascadh West Top, taken while en route to Bascadh. The summit is located on the ridge to the left. Knocklomena is the bulk rising up on the right with the familiar shape of ...

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Bascadh West Top: Fine views from the summit.
hivisibility 13 hours ago.
here is the summit cairn on Bascadh West Top, looking towards Bascadh. Great views over Kenmare Bay, back towards Knocklomena and Mullaghanattin.

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Where are the Three Billy Goats Gruff when yo
Peter Walker 23 hours ago.
"Wicklore, I share your disgust with the nature of this 'debate'."...of course you do Tam. Of course you do.The initial brusqueness, the feigned hurt when anyone disagrees or complains, the consta...

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Derrygarriff: Killarney Outback
ciarraioch 14 hours ago.
Based on aggressive 'No Hillwalking' signs at Moll's Gap, as of 2015 the only access to this rather wonderful little summit remains via a trudge across the three Peakeens from the Old Kenmare Road...

Mothaillin to Stumpa Duloigh
CaptainVertigo 3 days ago.
Two hours work wiped out when I let the program "time out". Feeling demoralised and going to bed! walk, Len: 17.8km, Climb: 1079m, Area: Mothaill?n, Dunkerron Mountains (Ireland...

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Binn Diarmada: Diarmaid & Gráinne's Airy Perch
ciarraioch 14 hours ago.
Many the good man has been led astray, and so it was with the handsome warrior, Diarmaid O Duibhne. Enticed into elopement by that trollop Gráinne, they went on the run from hoary old Fionn. So he...

David-Guenot 4 days ago.
Looking at the maps in my obsession to tackle a few +3000m before the end of the season, I found quite a few ones in the walk, Len: 13.6km, Climb: 1022m, Area: Unid, Unid ()

User profile
sandman 2 days ago.
As this is my 200th visit to the web site it is time to enter my profile, I am a member of the Tredagh Trekkers and walk on occasion with muschi liz50 and geo to date i have summited all summits i...

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Aillwee: Art or practicality?
wicklore 20 hours ago.
When rainwater slowly erodes the flat limestone pavement of the Burren, it sometimes forms shallow bowl in the rock. Sometimes the shallow bowls erode further and penetrate the layer of limestone ...

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I Beg Your Pardon . . .
tamjk a day ago.
Wicklore, I beg your pardon.As you say, I did in fact write : "And, from what I hear at the OSI, no one from Mountain View or any other representative organization for climbing has pushed very muc...

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Aillwee: A rugged approach
wicklore 21 hours ago.
In 2014 I took a route starting on the N67 coast road several kms north of Aillwee. This took me over two smaller rugged hills named Kiloghil and Moneen before reaching Aillwee. This approach show...

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