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march-fixer .. yes.. by simon3   (Show all posts)
I spent a few days.. by wicklore   (Show all posts)
2012-04-23 19:01:30
Irish Times on "Peak Bagging in south"
Good Heavens, simon3 ... you had me really worried there for a moment!

I thought the heading was "Peat Bagging in south". There were flashes of fights, fisticuffs, skirmishes and turf wars flying through my mind ... just when we thought it was safe to venture out on to the mountains again!
Is it possible to .. by march-fixer   (Show all posts)
That august body, .. by simon3   (Show all posts)
ww and p walker -<.. by simon3   (Show all posts)
wwwalker, I unders.. by Peter Walker   (Show all posts)
Surely this can't .. by wwwalker   (Show all posts)
These look exactly.. by kevin carroll   (Show all posts)
While descending f.. by thomas_g   (Show all posts)

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PMG Walk 88 - Dooish Loop
simoburn 13 hours ago.
PMG Walk 88 - Dooish Loop walk, Length:10.8km, Climb: 640m, Area: Dooish, Donegal NW (Ireland) Dooish, Dooish South-East Top, Saggartnadooish E Top,

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Carrickatee becomes Bunnanimma
simon3 15 hours ago.
The position of the highest point of this general area was reassessed in Nov 2014 and replaced by Bunnanimma, which is some hundreds of metres to the west and slightly higher and with a different ...

PMG Walk 87 - The Bluestack Mountain Traverse!
simoburn a day ago.
PMG Walk 87 - The Bluestack Mountain Traverse! walk, Length:42.5km, Climb: 2615m, Area: Croaghconnellagh, Bluestack Mountains (Ireland) Croaghconnell

Summit Comment
Glanarough Hill: Fine views... probably !!
David-Guenot a day ago.
I did not include a photo in the short summary, as the weather got pretty bad as I got to the top. Here is one I took during the ascent, just before the deluge.

Summit Comment
Croaghmore: Save it for a sunny day to enjoy the views !!
David-Guenot a day ago.
Climbed this hill on a late afternoon in July 2014, on my way back from Moylenanav and Crockastroller. Parked at C152306 and headed on up for Bingrania (pt. 246m). The track crosses some peat fiel...

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Slieve Gullion climb
happymourneview a day ago.
Hi all. I was hoping to climb Slieve Gullion tomorrow (at dawn hopefully) to take a few photographs. If the forest park is closed, then will I be able to park at the courtyard?.....Also, is car ...

PMG Walk 86 - Gaugin Mountain
simoburn 2 days ago.
PMG Walk 86 - Gaugin Mountain walk, Length:10.7km, Climb: 552m, Area: Gaugin Mountain, Bluestack Mountains (Ireland) Gaugin Mountain

Summit Comment
Knockshanahullion: A great place to be on a sunny afternoon !!
David-Guenot a day ago.
Climbed this mountain as the last of a five-summit trip, starting from the hairpin at approx. S043118, also including Sugarloaf Hill, Knockmoylan, Knockmealdown and Knockalougha. As I approached t...

PMG Walk 85 - Aghla Mountain
simoburn 2 days ago.
PMG Walk 85 - Aghla Mountain walk, Length:8.6km, Climb: 525m, Area: Aghla Mountain, Bluestack Mountains (Ireland) Aghla Mountain

Summit Comment
Bunnanimma: Baggers Only
sandman a day ago.
[Note: this comment referred to the previously understood high point of the area and is now not relevant.] Do not go out of your way unless you are bagging but access is easy but a bit mucky.

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That Cross...
Conor74 a day ago.
...I thought it was ugly and an eyesore. It was just 2 metal struts. A bit tasteless. On the other hand, the owners of the land seemed happy enough with it, and it's their decision (subject t...

PMG Walk 84 - Slievetooey
simoburn 2 days ago.
PMG Walk 84 - Slievetooey walk, Length:14.1km, Climb: 720m, Area: Cnoc Onna, Donegal SW (Ireland) Cnoc Onna, Sliabh Tuaidh, Sliabh Tuaidh W Top, Slia

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