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General Whatever you want to say that doesn't fit under the comments about mountains or another forum.
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2012-03-16 23:12:12
Car Park at Mahon Falls
Hi pn_runner, I personally wouldn't leave my car parked anywhere along the road leading up to the Mahon Falls or at it's main car park overnight. I've only parked there over the winter when it's cold and snowy (and when you'd probably need winter tyres to get up). I have heard of numerous break-ins there over the years, especially over the summer. It's a bit of a risk in my opinion to leave your car there overnight. Hope this helps.
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Forum: General
Subjectivity & Objectivity
tamjk an hour ago.
You may well adjudge the Devil's Ladder to be more unsafe than the eastern ascent to Mullaghanattin.But I for one - and while I may be alone bar an odd foreigner on these pages, I'm not alone in t...

Forum: General
Using the Safe word...
Peter Walker 3 hours ago.
Hi TamThank you for giving an example of a route that you think is safe.Just so you know some context for my reply...I've been up Carrauntoohil three times, all on traverses of the Coomloughra Hor...

Forum: General
Maps and safety
aidand 5 hours ago.
Most of the technical discussion on maps has gone over my head. Up to 20 years ago the only maps we had for almost all the country were half inch to the mile. Fine for showing where the mountains ...

Summit Comment
Cnoc na Toinne: Not to be underestimated
Kennyj 5 hours ago.
Climbed this one on the descent of Carrauntoohill on Tuesday while on a short break in Killarney,spectacular views far and wide while going up.Walked across the plateau to a small cairn about half...

Forum: General
Mapping Safe Routes
tamjk 5 hours ago.
Morning, Mr Walker.I agree with you. It's not a responsibility of any state's Ordnance Survey Office to define safe mountaineering routes.And in my message yesterday I never suggested that OSI per...

Summit Comment
Moylemore (Owey Island): Don't drink the water!
wicklore 6 hours ago.
I followed in the footsteps of Chalky and Harry Goodman with a trip to Owey Island two weeks ago. Cruit Island is connected to the mainland by a bridge. At the north end of Cruit there is a pier d...

User profile
sandman 7 hours ago.
As this is my 200th visit to the web site it is time to enter my profile, I am a member of the Tredagh Trekkers and walk on occasion with muschi liz50 and geo to date i have summited all summits i...

Forum: General
OSI Perspectives . . . .
tamjk 21 hours ago.
Wicklore,I realise that the phrasing I used was ambiguous but I did not mean to suggest that MountainViews was a representative organization for climbers. By "other representative organization" I ...

Forum: General
A highly subjective word...
Peter Walker 18 hours ago.
Hi TamI don't know of a single mapping agency anywhere that sticks its neck on the block and identifies 'safe' routes to mountain tops. Can you give an example of a route in Ireland that you would...

Summit Comment
Ballyscanlan Hill: The Copper Coast.
sandman a day ago.
Parking beside forest entrance S5437702608 walk in track keeping left at waterworks and after app 40m at S5459602442 turn left uphill over a faint track which will bring you to the clearing shown ...

Summit Comment
Knocknarea: Lots of interest
Aidy 2 days ago.
Walked up from the car park to the east. As others have said, brilliant views for a very short, easy walk, and the added interest of the huge burial cairn on the summit. Also saw a few other inter...

Mothaillin to Stumpa Duloigh
CaptainVertigo a day ago.
Two hours work wiped out when I let the program "time out". Feeling demoralised and going to bed! walk, Len: 17.8km, Climb: 1079m, Area: Mothaill?n, Dunkerron Mountains (Ireland...

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