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2012-02-26 19:43:16
"Chewing a Bone" from jackill Expand pics
Chewing a Bone (Expand pics)
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Success in training the boy depends largely on the Scoutmaster's own personal example.

Robert Baden-Powell

How to enjoy yourself in Kerry? join Wicklore & mad2climb from Mountainviews plus assorted scouts around Coumloughra on the perfect day.

By the way here is one of the greybeards club capturing his last 900 summit.
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Torc Mountain W Top: Deer and Wild Goats
ciarraioch 6 days ago.
Not only great views, but saw four deer and a large herd of around 10 wild goats on my last visit in July 2013. Didn't know that these were to be found in the National Park.

The summit and the tower
wicklore 5 days ago.
A compact 3km walk taking less than an hour that visits both walk, Length:2.9km, Climb: 98m, Area: Carrickgollogan, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland) Carrickg

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Eagles Nest: Wet Rough Scramble to a Scenic Treasure
Collaborative entry Last edit by: ciarraioch 6 days ago.
Park at the carpark for Dinish Cottage on the Killarney-Kenmare Road at V95033 84689. Head down along the tarred walking trail along Muckross Lake towards Dinish. Just before the bridge to Dinish ...

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Shelduck in Westmeath
Jaak a week ago.
I note with interest that paddyhillsbagger encountered some Shelduck while on a recent trip to Moat Hill. It is exceptionally unusual to find these birds so far inland, as they are almost exclusiv...

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Brockagh Mountain: Brockagh Sui Generis
CaptainVertigo 6 days ago.
I parked at the entrance to the old mine on the road from Laragh to the Wicklow Gap and simply went straight up, and down. Two things to watch out for. I suspect that not many walk this way so the...

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Brockagh Mountain: Poor relation amongst peers
Collaborative entry Last edit by: CaptainVertigo 6 days ago.
Situated as an elbow in the south eastern spur of Tonelagee, it is an excellent point on the route down from Tonelagee to Laragh. There are wonderful views out north-east to Scarr, south-east to B...

Peter Walker 5 days ago.
The game face was on a little more for this one, as time was walk, Length:2.2km, Climb: 176m, Area: Slievegarran, Mourne Mountains (Ireland) Slievega

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Crocknaneeve: Fantastic views from this small hill
wicklore 6 days ago.
Crocknaneeve is a small simple hill that is very easy to access. What it lacks in its own quality it more than makes up for in the fantastic views it offers. This photo show Errigal and Mackoght t...

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Launch of new walking trails on Divis Mountai
simon3 a week ago.
Would any of our NI members who were free be able to attend this? (Sorry about the notice) When: Thursday 10 April, 10:30am. Followed by a guided walk at 12:30pm Where: Divis & Black Mount...

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Hewson Hill: Low wooded hill with limited views
Collaborative entry Last edit by: wicklore 6 days ago.
Hewson Hill forms part of a NE-SW ridge of three heavily forested hills. Hewson Hill is the final hill at the SW end of this ridge. It is about 5kms to the SE of Portlaoise, and can be accessed fr...

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Hewson Hill: Something to add interest to your visit
wicklore a week ago.
Around 1km to the north of Hewson Hill is the dramatic Rock of Dunamase. If using the forest path on the north side of Hewson Hill there are places along the access track where there are views nor...

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Hewson Hill: A lovely forest stroll
wicklore a week ago.
Hewson Hill forms part of a NE-SW ridge of three heavily forested hills. Hewson Hill is the final hill at the SW end of this ridge. The three hills are heavily forested but as MV members Fergalh a...

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