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2012-02-26 19:43:16
"Chewing a Bone" from jackill Expand pics
Chewing a Bone (Expand pics)
14 of the best
Success in training the boy depends largely on the Scoutmaster's own personal example.

Robert Baden-Powell

How to enjoy yourself in Kerry? join Wicklore & mad2climb from Mountainviews plus assorted scouts around Coumloughra on the perfect day.

By the way here is one of the greybeards club capturing his last 900 summit.

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Summit Summary
Keady Mountain: Worth a visit, if only for the views.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Peter Walker a week ago.
Take a track starting at C7279123577 and follow it up E and then N to a ruined TV or radio mast. Continue out NW over the broad grass and heather covered moorland top to gain a low ridge and fenc...

Kippure, GrouseHouse, WarHill, Djouce
mrw 2 weeks ago.
walk, Length:24.4km, Climb: 1032m, Area: Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland) Kippure, War Hill, Djouce

Summit Comment
Keale Mountain: Houston, we have a problem!
jackill a week ago.
Every so often we have to correct summit position errors. In this case the height is also incorrect. The actual summit is at R68724 19773 with 361.84 meters elevation On the positive side this d...

Near Mullaghcleevaun East Top, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland)
mrw 2 weeks ago.
walk, Length:21.8km, Climb: 1084m, Area: Mullaghcleevaun East Top, Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland) Mullaghcleevaun East Top, Mullaghcleevaun, Sorrel Hill,

Summit Summary
Seefingan: Boggy cairned summit with some views and uses in routes.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: simon3 a week ago.
Seefingan sits at the meeting of three boggy ridges: Corrig to the North, Seefin to SW and Kippure to the East. The route to Kippure can be particularly boggy after rain. Around 400m west of t...

Forum: Suggestions
Difficulty accessing MV?
simon3 3 weeks ago.
Currently if you try to access mountainviews.ie it doesn't work due to an error. Use the following mountainviews.ie/summit which does work. Email or message your contacts about this plea...

Forum: General
CaptainVertigo 4 days ago.
When in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes I all alone beweep my outcast state, And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries, And look upon myself, and curse my fate, Wishing me like to on...

Near Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland)
mrw 2 weeks ago.
walk, Length:19.0km, Climb: 1063m, Area: Dublin/Wicklow (Ireland) Silsean, Moanbane, Mullaghcleevaun, Mullaghcleevaun East Top

Summit Comment
Toome: Hill With Character
Aidy a week ago.
Climbed after turning off the N56, shortly after crossing the Gweebarra River bridge, heading north. Parked on a minor road, which doesn't seem to be named, on the east side of the hill between T...

Up and down Gaugin Mountain
Onzy 2 weeks ago.
Parking is at a place pushed into a verge, just before a loc walk, Length:6.6km, Climb: 321m, Area: Gaugin Mountain, Bluestack Mountains (Ireland) Ga

Summit Summary
Djouce: Extremely busy summit, easily accessible with good views.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: simon3 a week ago.
Djouce is fairly near Dublin and has good access from many sides. Its extensive views include much of north east Wicklow, the Irish Sea and nearer places such as the Great Sugar Loaf. Because of...

Cahas: East of the Healy Pass
Onzy 2 weeks ago.
A route over the three hills immediately east of the Healy P walk, Length:12.3km, Climb: 629m, Area: Knockowen, Caha Mountains (Ireland) Knockowen, C

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