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2012-02-26 19:43:16
"Chewing a Bone" from jackill Expand pics
Chewing a Bone (Expand pics)
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Success in training the boy depends largely on the Scoutmaster's own personal example.

Robert Baden-Powell

How to enjoy yourself in Kerry? join Wicklore & mad2climb from Mountainviews plus assorted scouts around Coumloughra on the perfect day.

By the way here is one of the greybeards club capturing his last 900 summit.
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Forum: General
FairieeCastle/Tibradden quad/scrambler damage
brenno 2 weeks ago.
Link below is from story in today's Irish Times of a Labour TD claiming quad bike and scrambler damage to the cairns at Fairie Castle and Tibradden in the Dublin Mountains. It's a couple of weeks ...

Summit Comment
Table Mountain: Where is the third lake?
Kennyj a week ago.
Climbed Table mountain and Camenabologue today,parking at Barravore,crossing the Avonbeg at the ford and heading NW along the table track keeping the river on my right until crossing it at a small...

Table Mountain West Top
Onzy a week ago.
Up and down to Table Mountain West Top using forest tracks. Wandered about a bit on the way down for variety. walk, Len: 8.8km, Climb: 360m, Area: Table Mountain West Top, Dublin/Wicklow (I...

Summit Comment
Binnion Hill: Expansive Views Along The Foyle
Aidy a week ago.
Easy little hill as I took the car up a road almost to the top, avoiding walking through farmland. I had been assured at a nearby farm that this would be OK. The summit is unmarked but close to t...

Summit Summary
Binnion Hill: Road Almost To The Summit
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Aidy a week ago.
Turn off the public road at C 31795 06132 on to what seems like a private road up to the masts on the summit. I had asked at a nearby farm and was assured it would be OK to use this road, although...

Forum: General
Cuilcagh Boardwalk
Aidy 2 weeks ago.
When I first saw photos of the boardwalk on Cuilcagh, my first thought was "Don't be taken in, this is a photoshopped practical joke." I was horrified to see it was real, as I suppose what most of...

David-Guenot a week ago.
Not much room to park in the area, so I left the car on the side of the road, near a junction and had a quick and easy... walk, Len: 0.9km, Climb: 77m, Area: Lurgacloughan, Donegal NW (Ireland) Cashe

Summit Summary
Mothaillín: Untracked hard ascents for superb views.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: simon3 a week ago.
There is parking for a couple of cars at V 849 817. Cross the gate into some woodland and proceed along a short track (paved with concrete slabs) into a grassy field. Head SSE, making sure to avoi...

David-Guenot a week ago.
A quick stroll along a farm track and a short but very steep climb. Pity the weather was not too clear. There is a sma... walk, Len: 2.6km, Climb: 104m, Area: Drumavohy Hill, Donegal NW (Ireland) Dru

Summit Comment
Broaghnabinnia: Great looking, summit disappoints.
Colin Murphy a week ago.
This summit is as tough as they come - there isn't any easy way up. It is unrelentingly steep up to about 500m. The views are magnificent and there are many impressive precipitous drops and rock f...

Summit Summary
Broaghnabinnia: Steep sided, flat topped and great views.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: simon3 a week ago.
Broaghnabinnia provides great views of the Reeks, Carrauntoohil in particular, from the south. It is steep on all sides and visitors should be comfortable with scrambling. From the east park at V8...

Forum: General
Satmap Active 10
wicklore 3 weeks ago.
Hi does anyone know if the Satmap Active 10 is a good GPS? I have been using the Garmin Oregon 400t and I'm ready to change - the Garmin is touchscreen which is just too awkward when wearing bulky...

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