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Bleck. I appreciat.. by CaptainVertigo   (Show all posts)
2012-02-24 00:28:41
"Captains Farrell and Vertigo" from CaptainVertigo Expand pics
Captains Farrell and Vertigo (Expand pics)
The Rising of The Moon?
This site is far too respectable a place to say what I'm thinking about the defence of of our wildernesses. Were our servers located in Chechnya and if our leader was a bearded character with lions and tigers as pets; were I not still an Officer of the Court with a house yet unseized by my creditors, then I might well commit my thoughts to print. Although tactically it might not be prudent to warn the mountain disrespectors of my detailed plans. When I blow I don't intend it to be a polite "green" event. Let the mountain Luddites, the Buachaillí Bána and The Peep O'Day Boys reconvene. No. I bite my tongue.
Well yes Vertigo, .. by Bleck Cra   (Show all posts)
I think that Bleck.. by CaptainVertigo   (Show all posts)
Peter, indeed it d.. by weedavie   (Show all posts)
Davie I agree with.. by Bleck Cra   (Show all posts)
...but did it also.. by Peter Walker   (Show all posts)
Cra, you’re tiltin.. by weedavie   (Show all posts)
cheers that will d.. by jop68   (Show all posts)
jop68, if you clic.. by Dessie1   (Show all posts)

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Summit Summary
Mullaghturk: Worth seeking out.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Harry Goodman 6 hours ago.
Start at H6826188284 and follow a track up until it peters out in a thick patch of rushes and old turf cuttingd H6790588743. Continue up the untracked hillside to a wooden gate H6754588927 about ...

Slieve Felim
peter1 10 hours ago.
Cycled up the forest track on my mountain bike from the trai run, Length:6.6km, Climb: 43m, Area: Shannon (Ireland)

Summit Summary
Long Mountain: Mountain, this is not !!
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Harry Goodman 7 hours ago.
From the village of Dunloy go S off the B16 and at a staggered cross-roads D016185 turn right up Mallaboy Lane, initially on a poor surface but soon on a concrete lane leading up to a number of ho...

Forum: General
New video !!!!
David-Guenot a day ago.
Here is another beautiful video from two of our most famous members, good quality and plenty of colours, than you Sharon and Martin !! Really hope to meet you one of these days !! 'Wild Ireland':...

Summit Comment
An Cnoc Fada: Exquisite Film
CaptainVertigo 8 hours ago.
Oh this is a truly exquisite work! A clear case of the best getting even better. 'Wild Ireland': A Two Day Trek and Bivouac in the Derryveagh Mountains, Donegal is the full title and it's a tr...

An 'inefficient' round of the Stoompas
Onzy 2 days ago.
Route taking in the two Stoompa tops from the normal startin walk, Length:11.5km, Climb: 490m, Area: Stoompa, Mangerton (Ireland) Stoompa, Stoompa Ea

Summit Comment
Slievebaun: Tag it on to a more challenging walk.
Harry Goodman 14 hours ago.
If this hill had not been listed in MV's I would not have sought it out and only did so as an extension of a walk over Blackstairs Mt from the Scullogue Gap to Knockymullgurry. From Caher Roe's De...

The 'Old' Knockmealdown Crossing Route
GSheehy 2 days ago.
Ascent 1,400m and Descent 1,700m (approx) walk, Length:29.5km, Climb: 821m, Area: Knockmealdown Mountains (Ireland) Knockshanahullion, Sugarloaf Hill

Summit Summary
Slievebaun: Nondescript little hill.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Harry Goodman 14 hours ago.
For someone simply wanting to tick this top off by a quick up and down route there are many tracks onto the hill from the E off a minor road going SW from Whitney's Bridge near Kiltealy. Alternati...

Forum: General
Re Route from Glen of Imaal to Glendalough
simon3 a day ago.
Personally I haven't done that specific walk, though have done similar such as loop from Glendasan to Lug and, loop to Glendalough Car Park to Lug. I couldn't see a track that specifically did...

Knockmealdown Challenge Route
GSheehy 2 days ago.
Ascent and Descent are 1,700m (approx) walk, Length:32.0km, Climb: 1102m, Area: Crohan West, Knockmealdown Mountains (Ireland) Crohan West, Knockmeal

Summit Summary
Slievecushnabinnia: Wheres the summit?
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Harry Goodman 16 hours ago.
You will probably come to this mountain after parking at Clydagh Bridge R87450 27780. From Clydagh the traditional route is a magnificent circuit taking Cush, Galtybeg and Galtymore with Cushnabin...

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