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Does anyone of Car.. by simon3   (Show all posts)
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Success in trainin.. by jackill   (Show all posts)
Vertigo – if you w.. by Bleck Cra   (Show all posts)
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Bleck. I appreciat.. by CaptainVertigo   (Show all posts)
2012-02-24 00:28:41
"Captains Farrell and Vertigo" from CaptainVertigo Expand pics
Captains Farrell and Vertigo (Expand pics)
The Rising of The Moon?
This site is far too respectable a place to say what I'm thinking about the defence of of our wildernesses. Were our servers located in Chechnya and if our leader was a bearded character with lions and tigers as pets; were I not still an Officer of the Court with a house yet unseized by my creditors, then I might well commit my thoughts to print. Although tactically it might not be prudent to warn the mountain disrespectors of my detailed plans. When I blow I don't intend it to be a polite "green" event. Let the mountain Luddites, the Buachaillí Bána and The Peep O'Day Boys reconvene. No. I bite my tongue.
Well yes Vertigo, .. by Bleck Cra   (Show all posts)
I think that Bleck.. by CaptainVertigo   (Show all posts)
Peter, indeed it d.. by weedavie   (Show all posts)

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Forum: General
That bittersweet feeling
wicklore 8 hours ago.
I finally got to go through the full MountainViews summit list today to update what I have climbed, particularly with a view to the new 500m hills with 15m prominence summits that were added recen...

Peak bagging above Cloon Lough
peter1 10 hours ago.
I wanted to see if I could make a route up to Beann SW top from Cloon Lough and follow the ridge to Finnararagh, desc... walk, Len: 15.7km, Climb: 732m, Area: Beann SW Top, Dunkerron Mountains (Irela

Summit Comment
Greenoge: Short and simple route to the top.
Harry Goodman 15 hours ago.
On 3 May 2013 we parked at S8431156818 at start of the Kilbrannish Looped Walk and followed the waymarked trail (purple arrows) up a short stone and gravel path to meet the main track which we the...

Camaderry - Lugduff loop
strangeweaver a day ago.
walk, Len: 24.9km, Climb: 691m, Area: Camaderry Mountain, Dublin/Wicklow (Irela...

User profile
arrow a day ago.
Just a guy who is enjoying the world of hill walking and all it has to offer. I find it challenging, rewarding and very relaxing all at the same time. Hoping to visit all the peaks and summits in ...

Fantastic views only 10 minutes from the car
conormcbandon a day ago.
walk, Len: 1.8km, Climb: 0m, Area: Knockroe, Shannon (Ireland) Knockroe

Summit Comment
Fair Mountain: Nice walk, amidst pleasant Mt scenery.
eamonoc 2 days ago.
Climbed Today, 27/6/2014. Started at Carpark Wicklow Gap O 07458 00096, followed the access road towards Turlough Hill reservoir to T 06590 99228, then headed downhill due west for 1.1km to O 0599...

An easily accessible summit on a looped walk
conormcbandon 2 days ago.
run, Len: 8.4km, Climb: 0m, Area: Ballyhoura Mountains (Ireland)

Summit Comment
Knocknalougha South Top: Virgin Mary did not save me!
eamonoc 2 days ago.
Climbed Thursday 25/6/2015, started from carpark at S 03061 09959 followed Avondhu Way on good tracks to S 01995 08973, turned left here to a fork in the paths at S 01987 08832, the weather was pr...

Summit Comment
Beann Dhearg: Panoramic views over the Bridia Valley
thomas_g 2 days ago.
As well as excellent views of Bridia, Caher looms above the lack road, well worth a diversion if you're in the area.

Summit Comment
Beann Dubh: Access via Glencar marked walk
thomas_g 2 days ago.
There is a marked walk that will get you to the stream that runs off Beann Dubh, you can then follow the spur as it winds its way towards the top.

Great help, wild land, huge views - Coomnacronia Finnararagh Sallagh
simon3 2 days ago.
The general view of this part of the Iveragh peninsula.Overview of the walk from the Beara Peninsula.This walk starts... walk, Len: 14.2km, Climb: 870m, Area: Ireland, Near Coomnacronia, Iveragh (Ire

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