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General Whatever you want to say that doesn't fit under the comments about mountains or another forum.
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Peter, indeed it d.. by weedavie   (Show all posts)
Bleck Cra
2012-02-23 18:17:33
Davie I agree with you and time has been cruel to me – so I could probably slip under the fence back into Scotland the Brave – unrecognised. We shall see.
I do not disagree with anything you write and I am mindful that in a few years the disruption will be forgotten and just as you describe, I and everyone else (at that confused age) will swear these edifices have been there since Queen Maebh – much as we shall swear the earth is flat and John Lennon was the Tsar of Russia, sort of thing ish nurse.
That written and conceded, we always need whistleblowers and evangelists to put manners on the baddies. You are right – the thing is a windmill (and doubtless they will find an imperative to build one of these too …) but if the enthusiasm to go round and round at full speed (entirely self-propelled) can in any way be dampened, I am up for it. If it means one ugly bridge doesn’t get built or one less useless track, I see that as some success.
It behoves us to look after the things that give us most pleasure and to remind ourselves what it is about the mountains we love - and should we need reminded…., it is the wildness and the absence of human interference.
A friend fell on ice on Sunday coming off the new Binnian track. I quote her message to me – “Slipped on the path leading off Binnian heading towards the Blue Lough bloody death traps those paths.”
Oh for a law suit……
...but did it also.. by Peter Walker   (Show all posts)
Cra, you’re tiltin.. by weedavie   (Show all posts)
cheers that will d.. by jop68   (Show all posts)
jop68, if you clic.. by Dessie1   (Show all posts)
love the new track.. by jop68   (Show all posts)
.... by Bleck Cra   (Show all posts)
Just to confirm Bl.. by march-fixer   (Show all posts)
... by Bleck Cra   (Show all posts)

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Silver Hill: Every hill has its silver lining - my last VL
garrettd an hour ago.
To justify the near 400 mile round trip from Dublin, I had planned an ambitious assault on 10 peaks including the all important Silver Hill, my last VL. In truth I only became properly aware of th...

Baurtregaum Caherconree Circuit
Onzy 20 hours ago.
Route taking in Gearhane, Caherconree, Burtregaum and its th walk, Length:14.7km, Climb: 1196m, Area: Gearhane, Slieve Mish (Ireland) Gearhane, Caher

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Carnavaddy: Bran
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Peter Walker a day ago.
The most popular approach to this hill by locals is from the West, parking at either J09410 13490 or J0919014294. There are tracks leading up the Poc Fada route (the yellow stones) and it can appr...

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Beenmore: Airy walking at its best
eamonoc a day ago.
Climbed Beenmore 19/8/2014. Started from Q39776 10554. Was able to park up a small side road beside a disused farm shed. room for one or maybe two cars, followed good track around the back of a fa...

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Carrignagower: The Comeraghs broad back
Collaborative entry Last edit by: jackill 2 days ago.
Park in the Nire Valley car park(S 277 128)room for 20 cars, but note this fills up fast on weekends, walk up hill on a grassy then heatherly slope from the easten edge of the carpark following a...

Peter Walker 2 days ago.
A brief excursion over typically Sperrin terrain. Nobody was walk, Length:1.1km, Climb: 65m, Area: Cregganconroe, Sperrin Mountains (Ireland) Creggan

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Beenmore: A Coastal view worth visiting for.
Collaborative entry Last edit by: jackill 2 days ago.
Park at Q38538 10303, end of a cul de sac, with room to park 2 cars without obstructing access to nearby houses. Go west intially, then north, then north-east. In places the going is over rough dw...

Summit Comment
Knockroe: Small hill in flat area
Fergalh 2 days ago.
Park at (M50487 41178) pass through gate and walk 437 metres to top. Trig point at top

Forum: General
Oziexplorer and Ireland Maps
grodgers42 2 days ago.
Does anyone know where I might find scanned and calibrated maps of Ireland/N Ireland that could be used with Oziexplorer? Thanks for any help you can offer. Gerald

Forum: General
BleckCra 2 days ago.
Concur with Jackill. Dessie - great achievement and best of all I imagine, a great adventure!

Summit Summary
An Scraig: Waypoint on the Brandon Ridge
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Onzy 3 days ago.
Ballysitteragh is situated on the southern end of the Brandon ridge north of the Conor Pass. The hill can be reached from a number of directions. Most easily, it is hard to ignore the Conor Pa...

Peter Walker 2 days ago.
Basically this is Mr Sandman's directions made .gpx flesh. A walk, Length:4.8km, Climb: 45m, Area: Stranisk, Fermanagh/S Tyrone (Ireland) Stranisk

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