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General Whatever you want to say that doesn't fit under the comments about mountains or another forum.
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...but did it also.. by Peter Walker   (Show all posts)
Cra, you’re tiltin.. by weedavie   (Show all posts)
cheers that will d.. by jop68   (Show all posts)
2012-02-22 09:01:08
"Route" from Dessie1 Expand pics
Route (Expand pics)
jop68, if you click on track 788 on the track page the zig zag descent from Cnoc Na Toinne to Cronins Yard is logged on it.The track is of the Eastern Reeks so it might be a bit of a help if there are no alternatives!
love the new track.. by jop68   (Show all posts)
.... by Bleck Cra   (Show all posts)
Just to confirm Bl.. by march-fixer   (Show all posts)
... by Bleck Cra   (Show all posts)
... by Bleck Cra   (Show all posts)
Well Vertigo: all .. by Bleck Cra   (Show all posts)

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Meenard Mountain
Peter Walker a week ago.
A somewhat weary fenceside plod that feels longer than it lo walk, Length:8.7km, Climb: 374m, Area: Meenard Mtn W Top, Sperrin Mountains (Ireland) Me

Summit Summary
Tooth Mountain: Massive Molar Grind Pays Off
Collaborative entry Last edit by: CaptainVertigo 6 days ago.
Tooth Mountain is generally seen as an entrance or exit summit of the celebrated Cumeengeera Horseshoe, part of the Caha range on Kerry's Beara Peninsula. It comprises a huge dome of mostly expo...

Summit Comment
Tooth Mountain: Beautifully Positioned
CaptainVertigo a week ago.
The photo shows the route I took up Tooth Mountain from the carpark in The Pocket of Cumeengeera ( V75426 55335). I'm now convinced that simon3's Track 2225 makes much more sense, as it allows fo...

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Ouley Hill: Not quite touching the void...
Peter Walker a week ago.
Here's another one for the 'what constitutes an ascent?' debate. The newly appointed Binnion of Ouley Hill is one of the nearest MV tops to our house, and was thus ideal for a quick Sunday late a...

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Good luck on Scavvy
simon3 5 days ago.
I haven't been walking much this year because of a sore foot ("plantar fasciitis"). Hope everyone enjoys themselves.

Cuilcagh from Gortalughany
Djouce a week ago.
Park at Gortlughany viewing point CP H 168 300 - follow road walk, Length:13.6km, Climb: 631m, Area: Cuilcagh, Breifne (Ireland) Cuilcagh

Walk Guide
Bangor Trail - High Level.
millsd1 a month ago.
Overview This two day linear walk in North Mayo is a high level alternative to the low level way marked Bangor Trail. The route also links the towns of Bangor Erris and Newport. About 42 km...

User profile
frankmc04 2 weeks ago.
Avid hillwalker, exploring the mountains of Ireland

Forum: Suggestions
It's now 21 lists.
simon3 2 weeks ago.
MountainViews has now added two further lists for you to view: 1. Local, Historical and Cultural (LHC) 2. VL + Arderin The first lists all summits that have been included purely because the...

Ireland's Best Walks - A Walking Guide by Helen Fairburn
aidand a week ago.
This is a very fine book. It is well written and beautifully produced. The photographs in the book are very impressive. The book describes 65 walks throughout Ireland. These range from moderate hi...

Summit Summary
Castlemahon Mountain: A Strangford Lough balcony...
Collaborative entry Last edit by: Peter Walker a week ago.
Castlemahon Mountain is the most significant eminence in the rolling County Down countryside to the south of Strangford Lough. Despite being tree-shagged and transmitter-crowned it is a relatively...

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Cuilcagh: Ascent from Gortlughany Car Park
Djouce a week ago.
Park at Gortlughany viewing point CP H 168 300 - follow road short distance west - then follow track over style to join Ulster Way at Legacurragh sink hole. Follow Ulster Way markers over boggy gr...

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