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Cra, you’re tiltin.. by weedavie   (Show all posts)
cheers that will d.. by jop68   (Show all posts)
2012-02-22 09:01:08
"Route" from Dessie1 Expand pics
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jop68, if you click on track 788 on the track page the zig zag descent from Cnoc Na Toinne to Cronins Yard is logged on it.The track is of the Eastern Reeks so it might be a bit of a help if there are no alternatives!
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.... by Bleck Cra   (Show all posts)
Just to confirm Bl.. by march-fixer   (Show all posts)
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Well Vertigo: all .. by Bleck Cra   (Show all posts)
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Summit Comment
Knockboy South Top: The View from There
CaptainVertigo 5 days ago.
So what if you were to contour round to the South Top (from Priest's Leap Gap) and then ascend to Knockboy at 702m ? You would descend to the little lake, which lies at just under 500m, and then a...

A rewarding six-summit trip !!
David-Guenot a day ago.
A fantastic route, taking in six tops, with rewarding views all along the way. The ascent up the NE slopes of Benbulbe... walk, Len: 20.6km, Climb: 828m, Area: Benbulbin, Dartry Mountains (Ireland) B

Summit Comment
Truskmore SE Cairn: Easy County Top When On Truskmore
Aidy 6 days ago.
A very short walk from Truskmore, and I was happy to take the extra summit and another county top for little effort. Worth it too for the different views across the Glenade and Glencar valleys. Fe...

Summit Comment
Truskmore: Eerie Noises And A Wild Landscape
Aidy 6 days ago.
Went up on the RTE road, which made for an easy ascent, and there's no description of the route needed really. Amazing views on the way up over to Benwiskin and Annacoona Top, and then to Tievebau...

Forum: General
Cuilcagh Boardwalk
Aidy a week ago.
When I first saw photos of the boardwalk on Cuilcagh, my first thought was "Don't be taken in, this is a photoshopped practical joke." I was horrified to see it was real, as I suppose what most of...

Benbulbin Circuit
Onzy a day ago.
To follow... walk, Len: 16.3km, Climb: 672m, Area: Benbulbin, Dartry Mountains (Ireland) Ben...

Summit Comment
Sceilg Mhichíl: FOR THE PURIST.
sandman a week ago.
For the individuals who are pure of heart and truly wish to climb the south summit one can apply for permission to National Monuments Service Office of Public Works. The application can be submitt...

Bricklieve Mountains
Onzy a day ago.
To follow... walk, Len: 3.5km, Climb: 120m, Area: Bricklieve Mountains, Bricklieve/Curlew (I...

Forum: Suggestions
Vandeleur-Lynam confirmed
jackill a day ago.
Visited the Comeraghs today and surveyed both Knockaunapeebra and Fauscoum North West top to check for VL status.Knockaunapeebra is confirmed as a Vandeleur-Lynam however Fauscoum North West misse...

Summit Comment
Knockalongy North-East Top: Not Much of a Summit.
sandman a week ago.
The summit of this mountain is flat and boggy and would not be worth a visit except for its location en-route to Knockalongy from Ladie's Brae .The picture which i have uploaded is adjacent on the...

Summit Comment
Cloonagh: Straight forward but boggy underfoot
Fergalh a week ago.
After Ladie's Brae take first turn right and park at (G54473 28154). There is parking for one car there. Proceed up ridge than at the top of ridge the top is visible to the east not a long walk by...

Forum: General
Satmap Active 10
wicklore 2 weeks ago.
Hi does anyone know if the Satmap Active 10 is a good GPS? I have been using the Garmin Oregon 400t and I'm ready to change - the Garmin is touchscreen which is just too awkward when wearing bulky...

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