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2017-09-08 09:30:18
Re ; Smartphone
I'm stuck in iPhone land but I saw a post on FB recently about the logic of a CAT B25/B30 (??) for the hills. I think they have a 'smartphone' too. One for the list....
2017-09-07 14:59:59
My trusty Nokia is starting to look a bit battered and I reckon it is time to join the 21st century and invest in a smartphone. I am looking for recommendations on which phone to get.

My requirements are as follows.
1. Decent battery life - I don't want to have to charge it up twice a day.
2. Reasonable GPS and mapping capability, though it will only be used as a back up to a Garmin which I use as a back up to map and compass.
3. Not too expensive. If it does end up lost in a boghole, gets nicked or smashed by one of my kids I won't lose too much sleep over it.
4. Not too fragile for the reasons listed at 3 above.

What do you recommend?
2017-09-01 15:55:18
Re Guinness GAA Ad
As times goes on I find I have more time for exploring interesting places like Arraglen and fascinating they are too.
Curraheen, is that the one that leads into Baurtregaum? Long certainly, though of the top of my head shorter than Glenmalure in Wicklow. It would be altogether wilder than Glenmalure.
2017-09-01 08:46:20
Re Guinness GAA Ad
Fair play Simon. Careful now though, you risk being contacted by Game of Thrones fans looking for confirmation of filming locations around the North. But perhaps the Tourist Board have trumpeted Binevenagh and other locations enough at this stage.

I'm interested to see yet another beguiling glen on the northside of Dingle, as I have cause to be in the area from time to time and my companions don't always enjoy a torturous ascent. Glentenassig is perhaps one of the best family walk locations on the peninsula, with the boardwalk around the lake making an easy stroll for all abilities.

Further west, there is parking and a trail to facilitate even a toddler's trek towards loch an duin, but Glenahoo is more restrictive parking wise, what a pity (or a blessing to others).

I hear talk that Curaheen in the Slieve Mish is possibly the longest glacial valley in the country, yet very infrequently visited. And of course Derrymore Glen.

What surprises me most is that so few Tralee people ever venture out that way.

Anyone visiting the area might be interested in the attached link I came across from the local tourist office. Surprisingly, it also includes a detailed description of a traverse of the Faha Ridge!

2017-09-01 08:43:29
The accidental track 'bump' and a new club...
Folks, I wanted to put a link to that Nephin Challenge track up on FB but the pictures/text were all over the place, so I edited the post and it then showed on the first page on MV.

A few of us have got together to form a new club that offers members strenuous walks on the mountains all around Ireland. The less walked the area, the better. One a month to start with and let's see where it takes us.

The MI application is gone in with the list of 10 full members so we'll be affiliated to them. We don't see a need for a website at present but we're on the BookFace @ https://www.facebook.com/Na-Sl%C3%A9ibhte-Hillwalking-Club-164843447401113/

You'll be able to tell the grandkids you were around for the birth Na Sléibhte Hillwalking Club ;-)
2017-08-28 19:54:22
"" from simon3 Expand pics
(Expand pics)
Re Guinness GAA Ad
Bunsen7, interesting view all right. I reckon you are correct. Here are two views of the road. The upper one is a simulation from Google Earth very definitely from a road SE of Castlegregory, the lower a still from the video.

As a simulation the upper one relies on pretty a height model of the earth to construct the exact outline of the summits. Given that they are probably using SRTM (a height measurement every 91m north-south and about 56m east-west at our latitude) this doesn't show anything like the height detail for the ridge above Arraglen or the vegetation.
However the two pictures are very similar in general layout, in extent of vegetation beside the road, in the ditch to the right of the road but not the left and various other things.
2017-08-28 12:18:33
Guinness GAA Ad
From what I can tell, the wonderful mountain landscape shown at the very start of this clip currently on TV is above the road from Castlegregory towards Glantennassig. The reference is to Castlegregory GAA.

The sharp pointed ridge appears to be above Arraglen lake and is a spur to the east of Stradbally Mtn, but is suggesting a prominence from this angle that is not evident on maps.

Looks splendid. I assume Dromavally is behind but interested to know if I'm wrong, wherever it is, they got a great day for it.

2017-08-25 12:47:16
Scrambles in Ulster and Connacht
Hi Peter,
Yes, found it now, my tablet sometimes has trouble downloading the newsletter for reasons I don't understand. I completely agree with your review, the guide is a very welcome addition to the info available, lots of fun things to do. Hope a southern one is under way too.
2017-08-25 07:04:26
Bust Sperrins tranquility for huge windfarm?
The six counties of Northern Ireland have, like any area of the same size on the island of Ireland a mixture of mountain areas. There's the famous Mournes, perhaps the best east coast mountain area in Ireland - compact, rugged and just great. But also crowded. If you want peace and quiet with mountains over 600m in Northern Ireland then you'll head to the Sperrins.

Unfortunately there are plans to build a huge windfarm there, the largest in Northern Ireland, seriously damaging the unique quietness of the place.

There is a huge distinction between objecting to all windfarms which is quite unreasonable since they are very beneficial environmentally. But not in every case and not in places of unique landscape, recognised as the Sperinns are, as an area of outstanding natural beauty. Mountaineering Ireland have put in a submission about this:
2017-08-24 21:07:17
Mountainviews Members Meet 2017
Like to meet up and walk with other 'Mountainviewers'? Why not join us on Saturday 7th October in Mayo to tackle the Corranabinia Horseshoe ( see track 3551 ). For details contact Liz at elizabethashton2014@outlook.com

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Forum: General
Only 2 weeks to go
liz50 a day ago.
Mountainviews Members Meet on Saturday 7th October will be a hike around the the Corranabinnia/Glendahurk horseshoe in the Nephin Beg mountain range in Co Mayo. If you are interested in joining us...

Summit Comment
Westaston Hill: The top?
Barry a day ago.
I think the highest point is likely about 175 metres in a WSW direction from the mast. I'm judging this from aerial photography and DTM which shows a rocky outcrop in a small forest clearing. DTM ...

Wild SE Inishmore
simon3 a day ago.
This is a walk around the SE corner of Inishmore. The weather wasn't great so the photography was a bit limited due to d walk, Len: 12.8km, Climb: 161m, Area: Oile?in ?rann (Ireland)

Summit Comment
Barranisky: Barniskea or Barniskey
Barry a day ago.
Might be worth adding that Ballymoyle Hill might be more appropriate name for this height. Called that in Coillte records. Whilst Barranisky is spelt thus on OS six inch maps, note that Hall Nevil...

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Gubacarrigan: Coastal Hill
sandman 6 days ago.
Your options for parking are numerous but a lay-by is located at L7648192513. It only takes a few minutes to reach the cliff edge and on to the summit but as evident from the tracts along the edge...

Pic d'Anie
David-Guenot 2 days ago.
walk, Len: 16.0km, Climb: 1027m, Area: France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine ()

Summit Comment
Rosgalliv Hill: Coastal Hill
sandman 6 days ago.
For the Mountain View members who will be joining Liz50 for her walk on 7/10/17 why not get there a few minutes earlier in order to visit this small hill with its Megalithic Tomb . Parking is avai...

Pic et Lacs d'Ayous
David-Guenot 2 days ago.
walk, Len: 20.2km, Climb: 1113m, Area: France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine ()

Forum: General
a man's word
BleckCra a day ago.
Aidan thanks. Good to hear from you. There's a kind of accuracy in your translation even although there isn't. Still, it's close and ants aren't.There are essentially 3 titles for hills in Irish.S...

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Rostoohy Hill: Coastal Hill
sandman 6 days ago.
The summit area with its hill fort and views across the bay.

Pic des Trois Seigneurs
David-Guenot 2 days ago.
walk, Len: 9.7km, Climb: 904m, Area: France, Occitanie ()

Summit Comment
Rostoohy Hill: Coastal Hill
sandman 6 days ago.
Parking where appropriate make your way the short distance along the foreshore to L9531390160 where ascent to the hill exists as shown in the photo. You will encounter a small stone drinking well ...

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