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2017-02-17 12:45:50
Walker's 40k claim against NPWS overturned i
Great news from High Court as that 40k ruling in favour of that walker who tripped on the Wicklow Way boardwalk near the JB Malone memorial overturned in High Court. We can all toast Judge White at the gathering tonight. Link below tto ruling

2017-02-16 12:35:32
Reforestation row in Scotland
An interesting brewing row in Scotland where Mountaineering Scotland have allied themselves with The Scottish Gamekeepers Association in concerns about reforestation.


In fairness to Mountaineering Scotland, after a backlash from their members, they have clarified their position saying they are not against forestation, just widespread commercial forestry with species such as sitka spruce, but would be in favour of native species. They also want to a see a strategic approach.


From the comments in the original Guardian article, most walkers and climbers seem to be fully in favour of reforestation so long as it is native species and not planted in regimented blocks. There have also been suggestions that the tree line in Scotland would naturally leave the summits bare in most cases anyway. A quick google search wasn't successful in finding a clear answer on the tree line altitude in Ireland, although it seems that there are too many variables to actually give a clear answer.

Possibly a debate that we'll have in Ireland too at some point. I'd guess that if native species were used, it was not so dense as to make access difficult, and some views were maintained, most hill walkers would be in favour.
2017-02-14 14:47:26
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Remember this Friday - Mountain Gathering
With two main speakers, Paul Clements and Gareth McCormack, and some 20 people receiving awards, it promises to be the best 'Gathering' yet. Join us this Friday, 8pm, in the Lansdowne Arms. All are welcome.
2017-02-03 10:50:44
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The Gathering - 2 weeks to go....
With only 2 weeks to go to the Hillwalking Event of the year ... a sneak preview of the running order...
2017-01-28 13:11:51
yes, I believe you are correct. thanks!
2017-01-27 20:38:14
I'd imagine that's Mullaghmore??
There's a car park, well a defined parking area on the side of the road. A lake/maybe a turlough on the way to the base of the hill and it's very karst. Can't remember about the clockwise etc
2017-01-27 15:39:41
hill id help please
apologies - since what I'm asking about may apply to a number of hills. Years ago I hiked what might have been
Slieve Roe or Slieve Carran or Knockanes. But I can't tell from www images which one. There was a car park fairly close, we went across a flat broken area (think there was a pond/lake). As we hiked up it was like going up a spiral staircase for giants. Karst in huge spiral terraced slabs; going up was going counter-clockwise - to the right and continually curving left. Didn't get to the top as our mum was waiting in the car. Does my vague description allow anyone to say, "oh, that was ... "
thank you!
2017-01-22 17:36:21
Irish hill runners and the Spine Race
The Spine Race is a 268 mile run up the Pennine Way in the north of England, run every January, invariably featuring snowdrifts, gales and many miles of sucking bog, much of it run in the dark. It's one of the world's toughest races and only 50% finish. This year Dubliner Carol Morgan was first woman home, knocking 43 hours off the women's record. Cork's Eoin Keith (who holds the course record) broke a rib on day 1 and carried on for another 150 miles before withdrawing, truly bonkers! Also well done to the only other Irish finisher, Patrick Rodgers, who made it in just after midnight last night - it's even harder when you're at the back.
2017-01-16 15:02:21
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MV Mountain Gathering 2017
Always a great night ... all welcome.
2017-01-16 14:58:43
MV Gathering & Awards
Our biggest gathering of the year is in planning at the moment. The Irish Mountain Gathering will take place in the Lansdowne Hostel Dublin 4 on Friday, February 17th (7.30 for 8pm). As part of the gathering we will hold our yearly award ceremony for those who have completed lists or made significant contributions to the community. We have written to all those who, according to our records, are due to get 'complieters' awards. However, we are human, and errors do get made. So, if there is anyone out there, who does not get an email from us and who thinks they have completed one of our lists, please leave me a message on the site and we will sort you out. Details of the event will follow.

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Summit Comment
Lugnaquilla: A mountain with lots to offer!
Bunsen7 3 hours ago.
Since starting my hillwalking in 2015 I have been up Lug a number of times. Mostly it has been totally misted over by the time I reach or just after reaching the summit. Once it mists over the mou...

Summit Comment
Tonelagee NE Top: Onwards and upwards
Bunsen7 3 hours ago.
Most of the pictures uploaded rightly focus onview across the lake. This shows walkers assessing the route onwards to Tonelagee.

Forum: General
Are there new cairns in Wicklow
wwwalker 21 hours ago.
Is it my imagination or are there some new cairns appearing in Wicklow recently. There are small ones at point 702 ( T043 980) marking the turn for the lugduff ridge and at T086 975) marking the d...

Summit Comment
Stoney Top: A haven of peace away from the multitudes!
Colin Murphy 23 hours ago.
The final top on a pleasant 3-summit loop, taking in Tonelagee NE, Tonelagee and this, and then descending around the pretty Lough Ouler back to Glenmacnass carpark. The summit is a rounded bump i...

Brockagh Tops
Bunsen7 a day ago.
Similar track to a number of others which I used for guidance. Parked at the forest entrance having turned up at the ... walk, Len: 14.5km, Climb: 517m, Area: Brockagh Mountain SE Top, Dublin/Wicklow

Summit Comment
Tonelagee NE Top: Barely recognisable as a separate top
Colin Murphy 23 hours ago.
This is a handy one to bag on the way to Tonelagee, but it is so nondescript that many a walker has by-passed it without realising it is a top in itself. The summit is a broad, grassy area with no...

Summit Comment
Tonelagee: The perfect beginner's mountain
Colin Murphy 23 hours ago.
Besides crossing Glenmacnass River at the start and end, (which has seen many an unfortunate walker ascend in soggy boots) Tonelagee is a pleasant and relatively easy climb from the carpark near t...

Lake District: Skiddaw via Ullock Pike
Onzy a day ago.
Classic route in the lakes... walk, Len: 15.3km, Climb: 1062m, Area: Ullock Pike, Lake District - Northern Fe...

Summit Summary
Iorras Beag: Panoramic views of Connemara
Collaborative entry Last edit by: liz50 a day ago.
A pleasant 2 hour walk from Roundstone village by taking a minor road to the west from the centre of the village. There is parking along this road at L71775 40102. Continue on ungraded road to a w...

Summit Summary
Cashel Hill: Connemara in the Sun
Collaborative entry Last edit by: liz50 a day ago.
Climbed on Tuesday 07th June , 2 hrs 45min return. I went up the track from the road after the entrance to Cashel House Hotel and just before the church L80303 42385. Walked past the graveyard and...

Summit Summary
Currywongaun: Rough and Rocky
Collaborative entry Last edit by: liz50 5 days ago.
Park off road in a small lay-by at L72134 59157 and ascend the spur in a roughly Easterly direction to the summit. Usually climbed en-route to its larger neighbor Doughraugh.

La Gomera - GR132
GSheehy 3 days ago.
In 1492, Columbus set out from San Sebasti

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