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Find information for Irish hillwalking. Shared tracks, summit information etc.
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Using the Mountain Views service.

MountainViews offers various different things for hillwalkers in Ireland. For example if you are thinking of going to a new area, contributions, tracks and photos can be useful in telling you which are the most interesting places. Come back often and you will see new areas being described every month.

The "Lists & Logs" section allows you to maintain a list of everywhere you have climbed, or not climbed. You can see an analysis, with maps, of your climbs. You can set preferences such as whether you want to get the occasional email newsletter.

The GPS section allows you to download GPS data for the approximate summit positions for an area. You might like also to participate in the project to revise summit positions by uploading corrected GPS readings for places you have been to. (The Amend link on the summit page)

The Community section contains the messages service (more detail below) and reports that show what summit lists members are climbing. It also has information about contributors, previous newsletters and credits.

The More section contains information about Mountain Views, such as the Introduction, Guidelines like this one and Conditions of Use. You may find the Statistics section interesting, for example about relative numbers of hills logged.


Hillwalkers rarely encounter access difficulties on upland areas. Visitors should be aware that they do arise, usually on approaches. Look carefully at comments about summits, tracks or walks for access information. However be aware that a route described in or a track uploaded to or a route from MountainViews is NOT a guarantee of access. MountainViews recommends that visitors respect landowners rights; you are responsible for checking access. Exercise of common-sense goes a long way such as talking to locals if you see them, not walking near landowners houses or gardens (known as the curtilage), not disturbing animals, not damaging gates or fences.
If you encounter an access difficulty which you think is added to by a contributor's comment, GPS track or GPS route, please inform MountainViews who may bring it to the attention of the original contributor. You are reminded that GPS tracks or routes shared on this website are not a guarantee of access permission. It is up to you to ascertain whether access is allowed.

Message System.

Help on sending messages through the MountainViews Message Service

MountainViews has a Messaging System. You could use it to enquire about summits and contributions or to arrange walks etc. For sustained messaging we recommend that you exchange email addresses, IM, Twitter or FB details with your contacts.
You can send and receive messages if you in Settings (top right, main page) you have said you wish to participate in the members message service.
You can only send messages to members who are participating in the messaging service.
Do not send abusive or unwanted or commercial messages through this system. Anyone doing this will have sanctions applied.

Sending Messages
When you send a message it will appear so that the next time the recipient logs in they can see it.
You can send to a number of recipients at the same time. You send messages using the recipients screen name.
A copy of the message is sent to each recipient for where MountainViews has an apparently valid email address.

As with any online messaging system be aware that recipients may not be who they appear to be.

MountainViews does not automatically pass your email address on to the recipient and you do not receive their email address. You can exchange email addresses with your contacts through the messaging system if you choose. Messages are private from non-recipients, however, as with any email or messaging system they are subject to review for administrative purposes.

If you receive unwelcome messages contact the member and ask them to stop. If you receive seriously abusive messages and wish to complain, email admin@mountainviews.ie and forward a copy of the abusive message.